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An innocent crush.

A break in loyalty.

A magical war.

A magical rift escalates into the human world, forcing

faeries to partner with a human and put their existence in danger.

When love and hate collide, which side will survive?

Fly into the adventure that unleashes a battle between love and friendship.







These are just a few of the many rave reviews the series has collected throughout the internet and social media.



"The story zipped along, the characters were generally entertaining, and it was fun trying to decide if your plot radar was pinging on potential twists (or not)."



"All the characters are very unique, and the storyline was a joy to read. I think this author hit fantasy and romance on the head of the nail 100% on this novel."


Angie Barth

"I have not enjoyed a story this much in a long time!!
Its beautifully written, easy to read and absolutely entertaining!!"



Author Rebecca Torrellas, creator and author of the faery book series A Faeries' Tale, began writing the first book she ever wrote, In Love There's War, to help her deal with heartache after a difficult break up. When the idea came for part of the story to be told from a different perspective, Torrellas collaborated with author and long-time friend Marcus Sabom to give the first-person narration a different feel and tone in the second book. On Broken Wings was the first book out of the collaboration. Torrellas later wrote Tangled WebsAwakened Fire and Crossing Lines. During the pandemic, Torrellas wrote a prequel to the series, Prelude To Treachery.

Collaborating with Sabom again to detail the origin stories and outcomes of several characters, the duo released A Grave Favor, which takes place before Tangled Webs chronologically. In 2022, Torrellas released Stones Unturned and began working on the audiobooks for the series.


Outside of the series, Torrellas released a romantic-comedy novel titled, One Time at the River. Outside of the series, Sabom focuses on horror thrillers, releasing The Good Friend, Nikki and the novella, Melting Point. A film adaptation of the The Good Friend is due for release in early 2024.

For more information on Torrellas, visit For more on Sabom, visit his Amazon author page.

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