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The Books

The "Howl" series is an enthralling collection of four books,
each weaving together romance, mystery, and danger. 


Howl - An Urban Fantasy
Werewolf Book Series

An unexpected romance.
Mysterious attacks.
Dangerous secrets.


Sierra, a human orphan adopted by the Rose Moon pack, grows up alongside her best friend, Xayden, the pack's future Alpha. As they navigate through the changes his 18th birthday brings, an unexpected twist of fate has them running for their lives. With targets on their backs, they partner with their friends to find those responsible for the attacks — both physical and mystical. But will their investigation get too close for those with secrets to hide? How much is a life worth when the future of the pack is at stake?


"Howl at the Water" is the first book of the four-part "Howl" series. Look for "Howl at the Wind," "Howl at the Fire," and "Howl at the Earth" coming soon.

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