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"Howl at the Water"
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"Howl at the Water" Review

"Rebecca Torrellas’s skillful writing shines in her ability to weave romantic tension and relatable high school dialogue into the story. But beyond its thrilling plot, this captivating read also offers insightful commentary on topics such as teenage turmoil, love, passion, duty, responsibility, family dynamics, and bonds of friendship. By seamlessly incorporating these universal themes into a unique world of its own creation, the novel feels both fantastically fantastical and remarkably realistic."- The Prairies Book Review

The Books


Howl - An Urban Fantasy
Werewolf Book Series

How much is a life worth when the
pack's future is at stake?

Sierra, a human orphan adopted by the Rose Moon pack, grows up alongside her best friend, Xayden, the pack's future Alpha. As she and their pack friends go to celebrate Xayden's first transformation into a wolf, an attack has the group running for their lives. But is it an enemy pack or one of their own? As the group investigates, inexplicable attacks from natural forces target them, and a budding romance may put their investigation too close for those with secrets to hide. To complicate matters, Sierra discovers a strange connection that could have her questioning not only her past but everything she's ever known. When alliances are tested, can loyalty be trusted? 

Howl at the Water is the first book of the four-part "Howl" series. Look for Howl at the Wind, Howl at the Fire, and Howl at the Earth coming soon.

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