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“An authentic, alluring shifter mystery book series.”

A group of high school seniors who are next in line to take over the Rose Moon pack become victims of rogue wolf attacks, and mystical forces target them. As they investigate why they are being hunted, they begin to uncover the dark secrets of their pack. Will they get too close for those who have secrets to hide? How much is a life worth when the pack's future is at stake? The Howl series is a thrilling journey filled with suspense and danger, keeping you on the edge of your seat as you uncover the mysteries alongside the relatable characters.

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How much is a life worth when the pack's future is at stake?



That’s what my life has been about. Abandoned by my parents and raised by the pack, I’ve learned their ways. Now, as a human, I’m fated to the Alpha.

But he doesn’t want me.

In fact, he can’t stand me.

I can’t bear the thought of not having him. But I can’t watch him with her. It tortures my soul.

I must leave the safety of the pack, but danger is everywhere. When malicious forces attack, it turns my world upside down and threatens everyone.

But there is a spark of hope.

Fate works in mysterious ways, and perhaps this conflict is just what I need to fulfill my destiny.


She’s the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen.

But I must reject her.

I’ll lose my reign as Alpha if I choose her. I’ll be shunned and have nothing.

Maybe nothing is enough.

But evil lurks in the shadows.

Banished from the pack and alone, she’ll die without my protection.

The choice I have to make seems impossible. Dark and wicked forces threaten our existence. If I leave, my people will perish. If I stay, my chance at happiness will die.

“An authentic, alluring shifter mystery.”

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What do you do when your secret could destroy everything?


I can't do this anymore.

We're being attacked. His parents hate me. They don't want their son to be with a human. They say it will weaken the pack.

We love each other, but they refuse to understand. We planned to run away together, but my secret has been discovered. Now, everything is more complicated, and I'm in more danger than ever.

Will my friends accept me regardless of my secret? What will my fated mate think?

Will he stay with me or become my sworn enemy?


She's my true mate.

She makes me strong. I'd die without her. My parents know that. Yet they banished her from the pack anyway. There must be a reason.

What secrets are they hiding?

If they learn the truth about it her, she could suffer a fate worse than banishment.

I have to protect her, but I can't do that and stay with the pack.

I must make a terrible decision.

“Shocking revelations to the already gripping plot.”


Can love turn into rage when the love of your life becomes your enemy?


I can't believe he did this to me.

How could he keep a secret like that from me? I'm so angry with him! Now, his enemies are trying to take advantage of my rage.

I've loved him all my life. Can I turn all that love into hate?

To complicate everything, another pack is hunting us down. My true mate could protect us from them, but I don't want his protection. I don’t know if I can trust him.


I can't live without her.

Her rejection will kill me.

My allies are strong. But the situation is hopeless. Death hovers close.

As a future Alpha, I'm expected to have all the answers. But the answers don’t exist. I must forge a new path. I must find a solution to this impossible dilemma.

I love her and my pack. If I don't pick one soon, there's no way any of us will survive.

“Both fantastically fantastical and remarkably realistic.”

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Howl at the Fire Audiobooks - Coming Soon

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Howl at the Earth Audiobooks - Coming Soon

Would you save those who betrayed you?


I should've known it would all end in a war.

That was their plan since I was born. They will not succeed. I know what I am now and what I'm capable of. I refuse to bow down and die.

They want a war? I'm ready.


I've never been in this much pain, but I've never had so much to fight for.

This conflict has already cost me the life of someone I love. I refuse to lose anyone else. I refuse to let the past dictate who I will be.

They want a war?

I am war. I am vengeance. I am fury.

“An alluring and intriguing narrative with a thrilling plot.”


"Howl at the Water" Review

"Rebecca Torrellas’s skillful writing shines in her ability to weave romantic tension and relatable high school dialogue into the story. But beyond its thrilling plot, this captivating read also offers insightful commentary on topics such as teenage turmoil, love, passion, duty, responsibility, family dynamics, and bonds of friendship. By seamlessly incorporating these universal themes into a unique world of its own creation, the novel feels both fantastically fantastical and remarkably realistic."- The Prairies Book Review

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