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A prohibited romance.

A malicious kidnapping.

A wicked enemy.


She never imagined one glance would have such disastrous consequences. When a tiny fairy encounters a breathtaking human, her heart thumps and her wings flutter. She should have flown away, but the forbidden allure was too irresistible.


When the human is kidnapped under mysterious circumstances, she and her best friend risk everything to save his life. As they dig deeper into the enigma, nothing is as it seems. Sinister forces have diabolical plans, and the duo must convince the other fairies in their colony to help rescue the human—a sworn enemy. But a bigger threat is on the horizon. Their actions come at a grave cost, and the colony may not be strong enough to face a powerful foe.


Alliances will be forged. Sacrifices made. But will it be enough? The fate of the humans and the fairies is at stake.


The Series
(The following titles are planned to be released in print, digital and audiobook with full cast.

Those with an * we co-written by Marcus Sabom.

In Love There's War
On Broken Wings*

Tangled Webs
Awakened Fire
A Grave Favor*

Crossing Lines
Stones Unturned

Unleashed Fury
Breaking Ice

In Plain Sight

Prelude To Treachery

and more!

Author and Creator

Rebecca Torrellas

Rebecca Torrellas is the creator of the book series "Wings & Thorns," an ongoing urban fantasy series about warrior fairies. She also wrote a romantic comedy, "One Time at the River." "Howl at the Water" is the first book in her new urban fantasy series, "Howl." Three more books are planned.


She is currently the managing editor for a trade publication in Houston, Texas. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at Texas A&M University majoring in journalism. She worked at several newspapers throughout Texas. Torrellas has also produced several audiobooks under her production company RoseFae Entertainment. The audiobooks for "Wings & Thorns" feature a full cast.


Visit for more information on the series and upcoming books and for more information on the author and her other books.


Get in Touch

Rebecca Torrellas
3426 Havershire Dr.

Missouri City, TX 77459

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