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About Rebecca Torrellas

Rebecca Torrellas is the writer and creator of the tetralogy called "Howl." 

In December 2018, she released a standalone romantic comedy titled "One Time at the River," a hilarious and intriguing story about star-crossed lovers at the river.

Next on her agenda is "Wings & Thorns," an ongoing urban fantasy series about love, friendship, loyalty, betrayal, and abuse of power among warrior fairies that escalate into the human world, jeopardizing both humans and each other. 

Torrellas also has a production company, RoseFae Entertainment, that produces book trailers and audiobooks. The audiobooks to "Wings & Thorns" have a full cast featuring over 100 voice actors. 

Torrellas earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism at Texas A&M University. She worked at several newspapers throughout the state, including the Bryan-College Station Eagle and the Brenham Banner-Press.

She moved to Houston, where she worked as an editor, consumer reporter, and designer of a newsletter for a non-profit. She later became a managing editor and web editor for an international trade magazine in the oil and gas industry. She is currently the managing editor for a trade publication in Houston, Texas.


Always the creative, Torrellas has released two alternative rock albums, "No Hard Feelings" and "Let the Drama Begin," and also acted in several films, including the upcoming "The Good Friend," written and directed by Sabom. She also runs a sports broadcasting website for Legacy Sports Network and edits a book series by fellow author Tripp Ellis. 


She finds inspiration for her stories in her daily experiences with friends, family, and those she's loved, lost, and admired. When not working, she finds joy in spending time with the loves of her life, Brian, and their son, Braxton.

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Solo rock albums "No Hard Feelings" and "Let the Drama Begin" are both available where music is sold, including Spotify, Pandora, Amazon and many more. Drawing comparisons to her idols, P!nk, Alanis Morissette, Gwen Stefani, and Shirley Manson, she always described her lyrics as her heart blowing open the thoughts and feelings her brain couldn't process.

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After writing and appearing in the skateboarding film, "Call To Fly," she made several films in the Houston independent film scene, including starring roles in "Zombiefied" and the upcoming "The Good Friend." She also produced several films, including the award-winning "Treachery" starring Michael Biehn. Most recently, she had a small role in "Teacher Shortage" opposite Brinke Stevens.

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