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Rebecca Torrellas is the writer and creator of the tetralogy called "Howl.”

In December 2018, she released a standalone romantic comedy titled "One Time at the River," a hilarious and intriguing story about star-crossed lovers at the river.

Next on her agenda is "Wings & Thorns," an ongoing urban fantasy series about love, friendship, loyalty, betrayal, and abuse of power among warrior fairies that escalates into the human world, jeopardizing both humans and each other.

Torrellas also has a production company, RoseFae Entertainment, that produces book trailers and audiobooks. The audiobooks to "Wings & Thorns" have a full cast featuring over 100 voice actors.

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A group of high schoolers investigates the secrets of the Rose Moon pack, not realizing it could uncover parts of their past that others will kill them to keep buried.

Will be available in print, digital, and audiobook soon.

Praise for "Howl at the Water" 

"Rebecca Torrellas’s skillful writing shines in her ability to weave romantic tension and relatable high school dialogue into the story. But beyond its thrilling plot, this captivating read also offers insightful commentary on topics such as teenage turmoil, love, passion, duty, responsibility, family dynamics, and bonds of friendship. By seamlessly incorporating these universal themes into a unique world of its own creation, the novel feels both fantastically fantastical and remarkably realistic."

- The Prairies Book Review

Werewolf lovers will be overjoyed with the dynamic worldbuilding of this urban fantasy. Howl at the Water is a fast-paced fantasy that follows a human girl named Sierra who was raised in the Rose Moon wolf pack after her parents were murdered by rogue werewolves. It is an adventurous teen fantasy that makes for a promising series opener. A page-turning plot, an engaging romance, surprising reveals... 

- Independent Book Review

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"A magical rift escalates into the human world, forcing the fairies to partner with a human and put their existence in danger." - Jef Rouner

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