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Can love turn into rage when the love of your life
becomes your enemy?


I can't believe he did this to me.

How could he keep a secret like that from me? I'm so angry with him! Now, his enemies are trying to take advantage of my rage.

I've loved him all my life. Can I turn all that love into hate?

To complicate everything, another pack is hunting us down. My true mate could protect us from them, but I don't want his protection. I don’t know if I can trust him.


I can't live without her.

Her rejection will kill me.

My allies are strong. But the situation is hopeless. Death hovers close.

As a future Alpha, I'm expected to have all the answers. But the answers don’t exist. I must forge a new path. I must find a solution to this impossible dilemma.

I love her and my pack. If I don't pick one soon, there's no way any of us will survive.

“Both fantastically fantastical and remarkably realistic.”

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