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Howl at the Wind Official Trailer

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What do you do when your secret could destroy everything?


I can't do this anymore.

We're being attacked. His parents hate me. They don't want their son to be with a human. They say it will weaken the pack.

We love each other, but they refuse to understand. We planned to run away together, but my secret has been discovered. Now, everything is more complicated, and I'm in more danger than ever.

Will my friends accept me regardless of my secret? What will my fated mate think?

Will he stay with me or become my sworn enemy?


She's my true mate.

She makes me strong. I'd die without her. My parents know that. Yet they banished her from the pack anyway. There must be a reason.

What secrets are they hiding?

If they learn the truth about it her, she could suffer a fate worse than banishment.

I have to protect her, but I can't do that and stay with the pack.

I must make a terrible decision.

“Shocking revelations to the already gripping plot.”

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